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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Validation phase - System Testing - Performance Testing - Capacity Planning - Load testing

Load testing is much used industry term for the effort of performance testing. Here, load means the number of users or the traffic for the system. Load testing is defined as the testing to determine whether the system is capable of handling anticipated number of users or not.
In load testing, the virtual users are simulated to exhibit the real user behavior as much as possible. Even the user think time such as how users will take time to think before inputting data will also be emulated. It is carried out to justify whether the system is performing well for the specified limit of load.

Goals of Load Testing:
- Testing for anticipated user base.
- Validates whether the system is capable of handling load under specified limit.

The objective of load testing is to check whether the system can perform well for specified load. The system may be capable of accommodating more than say 1000 concurrent users. But, validating that is not under the scope of load testing. No attempt is made to determine how many more concurrent users the system is capable of servicing.
The inference drawn from load testing is :
- Whether the system is available?
- If yes, is the available system stable?

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