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Friday, May 21, 2010

Test Automation Framework: What is the Hybrid Test Automation Framework

In previous articles, we learned about the following Automation frameworks:
- Data Driven Testing (link)
- Test Library Architecture Framework (link)
- Keyword-driven/table-driven testing (link)
- Test script modularity (link)
This post covers the 5th such test automation framework, called Hybrid Test Automation Framework. Just like the name suggests, this is what people would ask for, why can't you combine the benefits and strong points of the above test automation frameworks and try to remove their weaknesses, and that is what you get. This is called the Hybrid Test Automation Framework. It is one of the most successful automation frameworks, and is also one of the frameworks that other frameworks eventually mature into.
So, since the keyword driven architecture has some powerful benefits in the form of libraries and utilities, this framework allows the data driven scripts to take advantage of these libraries and utilities; and also make these data driven scripts smaller and reduce the risk of their failure. This framework has many utilities that allow the conversion of currently used scripts into the equivalent of keyword driven (when needed).
Some of the properties of the Hybrid Test Automation Framework are: Core Data Driven Engine, the Component Functions, the Support Libraries, and the Application Map (App Map).

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