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Sunday, May 2, 2010

CMMI - Generic goals and practices in Process Areas

Each process area is defined by a set of goals and practices. There are two categories of goals and practices:
- Generic goals and practices (GG & GP): They are part of every process area.
- Specific goals and practices (SG & SP): They are specific to a given process area.

A process area is satisfied when company processes cover all of the generic and specific goals and practices for that process area.
Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI)--CMMI for Development, Version 1.2—contains 22 Process Areas that describe the aspects of product development that are to be covered by organizational processes.

Generic goals and practices

GG 1 Achieve Specific Goals
- GP 1.1 Perform Specific Practices.
GG 2 Institutionalize a Managed Process
- GP 2.1 Establish an Organizational Policy.
- GP 2.2 Plan the Process.
- GP 2.3 Provide Resources.
- GP 2.4 Assign Responsibility.
- GP 2.5 Train People.
- GP 2.6 Manage Configurations.
- GP 2.7 Identify and Involve Relevant Stakeholders.
- GP 2.8 Monitor and Control the Process.
- GP 2.9 Objectively Evaluate Adherence.
- GP 2.10 Review Status with Higher Level Management.
GG 3 Institutionalize a Defined Process
- GP 3.1 Establish a Defined Process.
- GP 3.2 Collect Improvement Information.
GG 4 Institutionalize a Quantitatively Managed Process
- GP 4.1 Establish Quantitative Objectives for the Process.
- GP 4.2 Stabilise Subprocess Performance.
GG 5 Institutionalize an Optimizing Process
- GP 5.1 Ensure Continuous Process Improvement.
- GP 5.2 Correct Root Causes of Problems.

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