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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Project Monitoring and Control (PMC) Process Area in CMMi

The purpose of Project Monitoring and Control (PMC) is to provide an understanding of the project’s progress so that appropriate corrective actions can be taken when the project’s performance deviates significantly from the plan. A Project Management Process Area at Maturity Level 2.
A project’s documented plan is the basis for monitoring activities, communicating status, and taking corrective action. Progress is primarily determined by comparing actual work product and task attributes, effort, cost, and schedule to the plan at prescribed milestones or control levels in the project schedule or WBS. Appropriate visibility of progress enables timely corrective action to be taken when performance deviates significantly from the plan. A deviation is significant if, when left unresolved, it precludes the project from meeting its objectives.

Specific Goals and Practices

SG 1 Monitor Project Against Plan
- SP 1.1 Monitor Project Planning Parameters.
Monitor the actual values of the project planning parameters against the project plan. Monitoring typically involves measuring the actual values of project planning parameters, comparing actual values to the estimates in the plan, and identifying significant deviations. Recording actual values of the project planning parameters includes recording associated contextual information to help understand the measures.
- SP 1.2 Monitor Commitments.
Monitor commitments against those identified in the project plan.
- SP 1.3 Monitor Project Risks.
Monitor risks against those identified in the project plan.
- SP 1.4 Monitor Data Management.
Monitor the management of project data against the project plan. Once the plans for the management of project data are made, the management of that data must be monitored to ensure that those plans are accomplished.
- SP 1.5 Monitor Stakeholder Involvement.
Once the stakeholders are identified and the extent of their involvement within the project is specified in project planning, that involvement must be monitored to ensure that the appropriate interactions are occurring.
- SP 1.6 Conduct Progress Reviews.
Periodically review the project's progress, performance, and issues. Progress reviews are reviews on the project to keep stakeholders informed. These project reviews can be informal reviews and may not be specified explicitly in the project plans.
- SP 1.7 Conduct Milestone Reviews.
Review the accomplishments and results of the project at selected project milestones.
Milestone reviews are planned during project planning and are typically formal reviews.

SG 2 Manage Corrective Action to Closure
Corrective actions are managed to closure when the project's performance or results deviate significantly from the plan. Many product integration problems arise from unknown or uncontrolled aspects of both internal and external interfaces. Effective management of product component interface requirements, specifications, and designs helps ensure that implemented interfaces will be complete and compatible.
- SP 2.1 Analyze Issues.
Collect and analyze the issues and determine the corrective actions necessary to address the issues.
- SP 2.2 Take Corrective Action.
Take corrective action on identified issues. Examples of potential actions include modifying the statement of work, modifying requirements, revising estimates and plans, renegotiating commitments, adding resources, changing processes, revising project risks .
- SP 2.3 Manage Corrective Action.
Manage corrective actions to closure. Lessons learned as a result of taking corrective action can be inputs to planning and risk management processes.


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