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Monday, May 3, 2010

CMMi - Process Area : Causal Analysis and Resolution (CAR)

The purpose of Causal Analysis and Resolution (CAR) is to identify causes of defects and problems and take action to prevent them from occurring in the future. CAR is a Maturity Level 5 Process Area. CAR can be performed qualitatively at lower Maturity Levels, but the full benefits of CAR cannot be recognized until you have stable processes and statistically understand the process capabilities.

Causal analysis may also be performed on problems unrelated to defects. For example, causal analysis may be used to improve quality attributes such as cycle time. Improvement proposals, simulations, dynamic systems models, engineering analyses, new business directives, or other items may initiate such analysis.

When it is impractical to perform causal analysis on all defects, defect targets are selected by tradeoffs on estimated investments and estimated returns of quality, productivity and cycle time.

The Causal Analysis and Resolution process area involves the following:
- Identifying and analyzing causes of defects and other problems.
- Taking specific actions to remove the causes and prevent the occurrence of those types of defects and problems in the future.
Causal analysis and resolution improves quality and productivity by preventing the introduction of defects into a product.

Specific Practices by Goal

SG 1 Determine Causes of Defects
- SP 1.1 Select Defect Data for Analysis.
- SP 1.2 Analyze Causes.
SG 2 Address Causes of Defects
- SP 2.1 Implement the Action Proposals.
- SP 2.2 Evaluate the Effect of Changes.
- SP 2.3 Record Data.

General practices are same as discussed in Generic goals and practices article.

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