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Monday, March 15, 2010

Why do we do software testing ? Some of the advantages of software testing ..

Why do we have the concept of software testing ? What are some of the advantages of setting up dedicated teams for testing purposes ? Many years back, there was no emphasis on software testing, and there has been a change in the focus, with more focus on software testing now. In many companies, there are specialized testing teams that focus on how to test any product or software and also to develop more competencies in this subject. However, it is a familiar subject and one that a lot of software testers are asked as part of interviews; to identify the benefits that software testing brings to the table (including from the business perspective):
- During the process of software development, there are many bugs that are introduced in the software; this is a natural process and it is an ideal scenario that code can be developed without having bugs in it. Developers, with their review processes, unit level of testing, and similar cases, cannot find the level of bugs that come with full integration (unless they take on the role of testing)
- There is a cost of finding defects vs. a graph of when the bug was found. If a bug is found in the design phase, it is very cheap to fix it; if a bug is found during development / coding phase, there is a higher cost; if the bug is found during customer acceptance testing, the cost is higher; and if the bug is found after release, the cost can be very high. The introduction of a phase of software testing can help reduce the cost of these bugs
- Having a software testing team boasting of skilled industry processes can be a big factor in terms of improving the credibility of the team and can result in a perceived enhanced value by customers
- Enhanced customer testing processes such as root cause analysis helps ensure a feedback mechanism and improvement in the processes followed by the team
- Setting up testing systems modeled on customer settings gives a huge boost to the expectation that the overall quality level of the system will be high, and will meet the customer needs
- Having a software testing team involved in the overall development phase ensures that there are more people to take a different look at the features and evaluate them from a customer point of view

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