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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Dot / Patch release: Estimating the features where there is a change required

One of the previous posts I wrote about was that of a Dot / Patch release (Estimation of dot / patch release) where there was an effort to show what are some of the reasons for a dot release or a patch release and the broad level points about how to estimate the amount of overall effort needed as well as the generation of schedule needed for the release. This needs to be done even if you already have a hard date for the release of the patch / dot release, since if the generated schedule is going far beyond the required date, then there is something wrong which would need to be solved (possibly by adding more resources, although that cannot be done in every case).
This post talks about actually doing an estimation of the changes required by working on the different features to see the overall impact of the change. Consider a case where a dot release has to be made for the application, with a change made in one of the features for a major defect. Now, the dot release has to be made in a couple of months, with the exact release date being decided based on the estimates for the different areas of the release (development effort, testing, localization, etc). One of the starting points for this estimation effort is figuring the effort needed for development, and for that, there needs to more detailed investigation of what areas need development effort.
How do you do this ? The first and most important starting point is to ensure that you have an experienced developer to do the investigation and estimate. The actual effort can be done by somebody in the development team, but the investigation should be done by a senior and experienced developer. How do you start:
- First, make sure that the developer has been given details of the change needed in terms of requirements
- Give the developer some time to discuss with other team members about the areas which are impacted.
If this is a core area, then the developer would need to go across the application to determine the impact. For example, there may be a need in the user security framework, and that would spin across all the application. If the change is localized to a specific area, then it is easier to make the effort estimate of the change. There is no great complexity in this area, as long as the developer does a thorough job.
- The senior developer should spend time with the actual developer who is going to work on the release and make sure that he has enough understanding of the changes required, and depending on the skill of the developer assigned, make sure that the correct estimate is given (which may included a required buffer).
- The developer also needs to ensure that he has spent time with people from the localization development team and the installer / release teams so that he has an idea of the amount of time needed from their side and can also include these in the effort estimate.
- The developer needs to spend a fair amount of time with the testing team so that they have a good understanding of all the changes that are going to happen in the release as well as the actual impact of the change including all the areas of the application that are impacted. 

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