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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

What are benefits of instant messaging?

Instant messaging comes with both risks and benefits. Here we focus up on its benefits.

Benefits of Instant Messaging

  1. IM serves to be of great advantage in the environments that are geographically dispersed. The major benefit here is that it cut downs on the cost of expensive phone calls.
  2. The communication channels can be augmented with the help of instant messaging. This will become clear from the following: suppose there is a conversation going between an external client and the team members can converse within themselves using IM for clarification of some points or plotting a strategy. Here, the IM is said to serve as a back channel.
  3. IM serves as an efficient tool for clearing up the clutter on desktop and lets you respond immediately. Most of the business processes are time sensitive: problem resolution, crisis management, customer service etc. to name a few. IM is the solution for all these processes.
  4. IM serves well in case of an emergency. The critical information can be rapidly disseminated to the whole company or individuals in cases such as that of health issues. Natural catastrophes, schedule changes, or network outages etc. most of the times, the network of IM services works well when most of other e – mail and phone networks are down.
  5. A number of work groups can be linked through IM. Thus, it acts as a bonding between the two groups. The productivity of the ad-hoc contacts can be increased by enabling them to be quickly added to some work group.
  6. IM services can also be used for routing the IMs to cell phones through the IM – to – SMS (short messaging service) gateway services. An example of such a service is find – me service.
  7. Through IM services people have a quick reach to the experts if they want to survey multiple consultants or to have an instant consultation.
  8. IM is a sort of self–service. People can place queries to the human resource virtual agents via person to machine IM services for obtaining information regarding enrollments or benefits. This also provides the staff with access to the data and speeds up the business processes.

More about Intant Messaging

- IM is one of the few small things that are a must for the effective communication 
- However, IM is embraced as a useful utility at workplace by some owners of small businesses. 
- IM services have been used to completely replace the traditional methods of communications or to provide support them. 
- IM is also a real – time means for communication. 
- But the text records of the IM conversations are kept by the exchange just as in the case of e–mail messages.
- This lets the IM function as a quick conference call without having the employees leave their desks. 
- It acts as a powerful means for bringing all the people on a web page common to all.  
- IM is an effective tool for conducting group chat. 
- Nowadays, such IM platforms that allow for group text chatting. 
- Plus, they also allow you to save the chat history. 
- Team members that are at some off- site locations can be connected through IM. 
- Through IM it becomes easy to stay connected and archive files.

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