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Friday, June 29, 2012

Does automation replace manual testing? What are the main benefits of test automation?

Test automation has proved to be quite useful in reducing the night mares of the testers regarding the testing of very complex, complicated and large software systems or applications. Almost all the manual testing processes that make use of the formalized testing processes have been automated. Although manual testing involves intense concentration and can root many of the defects and faults in the software systems and applications, it requires a hell lot of patience, efforts and time.

Can automation testing replace manual testing?

- In today’s fast paced software world, test automation has undoubtedly become one of the most strategic and critical necessity of the software development. 
- In the past years, the level of testing was considered to quite sufficient since the software systems and applications were not so dynamic.
But in today’s world we have explosive software systems and applications and we need to test them? Here the manual testing alone cannot suffice! 
- There are many classes of defects that cannot be traced without automated testing and there are several other types of errors and bugs that can be discovered using manual testing only. 
- So, we will say the automation testing cannot replace manual testing though it can be considered as a surplus to the manual testing. 

With rising demands for qualitative testing two things are possible:
(i) Either we increase the number of people involved in testing or
(ii) We increase the level of test automation.

- The rising demands for the rapidly developing web clients have made the need for test automation much critical. 
- The most unfortunate thing is that the testers are not full time to hone their software testing skills and the testers remain testers and do not become programmers.
- As a consequence of this, the simplicity of the software systems and application has been ruined and made far too complex and difficult to implement. 
- In order to get the most out of the test automation process, it should be implemented to the maximum extent it is possible. 
- If it is not used appropriately you can even face a failure in the long term development. 

To reap the full benefits of the test automation you need to keep the following things in mind:
  1. Test automation is not a sideline rather it is a full time effort.
  2. You should not confuse the test framework and test design as same entities.
  3. The frame work that is to be used for the test automation should be application independent.
  4. The frame work to be used must be maintainable and quite perpetual.
  5. The test design as well as the strategy must be independent of the frame work.

Benefits of Test Automation

  1. Test automation reduces the population of the staff required to carry out the testing.
  2. Consumes less time.
  3. Fewer efforts required.
  4. Much preferable option when it comes to the size and complexity of today’s software systems and applications.
  5. Testing is a repetitive process and this drudgery of the testers is taken by the test automation.
  6. Test automation allows the machines to complete tedious task of repetitive testing while in the meantime the testers can take care of the other chores.
  7. The testing costs are reduced.
  8. Using test automation the load testing and stress testing can be performed very effectively.

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