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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Describe some automation testing tools?

Automated testing has greatly reduced the drudgery of the developers who otherwise would have to carry out testing on big software systems and applications projects manually. Today there are many automation testing tools available to your advantage. Using these tools you can automate any of the test scripts which will make your work easier than ever consuming less time and efforts. In this article we have discussed about some of the automation testing tools. They are as follows:

1. TestComplete: 
- This testing tool has been designed for both the novice as well as advance testers.
- Using this tool, creating, managing and running tests for any system becomes so easy be it a desk top or web software. 
- It has got a quite easy to use interface and a whole lot of tools for the purpose of customizing it
- This tool supports cross browser web testing, html5 applications and distributed testing as well. 
- Using this tool, you can create tests using just one browser which can be run on almost any browser.
- You do not have to make any changes to the tests i.e., testing is completely browser independent. 
- Furthermore, this testing tool is independent of any other development tool or software application. 
- It supports all the languages.

2. Telerik by Test Studio: 
- This testing tool supports functional testing, load testing, performance testing, and mobile testing very well. 
- It also supports in depth desk top testing i.e., you can easily test AJAX, HTML5, WPF and Silverlight apps. 
- This tool is quite affordable.
- Using this tool, you can create as well as capture tests.
-Web performance tests can also be created which offer a detailed insight in to the performance metrics of your apps.
- This tool is quite advanced and covers most of the technologies and protocols. 
- Using this tool, you can even run a functional test which in turn can help you to gather data on server processing time, client rendering time and network latency etc. 
- Furthermore, this tool supports testing for iOS apps.
- It also provides support for iphone, ipad, ipod, test natives, web and hybrid apps etc.

3. Micro focus- SilkTest: 
- Using this tool, one can create robust, powerful and fast automated tests across a quite broad range of technologies and applications. 
- It can be used easily for the identification of the quality related problems that occur in the early stages of the SDLC or software development life cycle. 
- Till now two versions of this testing tool have proven to be quite worthy namely Silk4Net and Silk4J.
- These two testing tools provide you with the option of bringing the power of SilkTest to integrated development environment of your choice like eclipse or visual studio and so on. 
- This testing tool has showed quite lot robustness.

4. HP: Unified Functional Testing Software (quick professional tool): 
- This tool rules the software industry.
- This tool has got the ability of accelerating the functional testing by following a simplification process for simplifying the test design and maintaining both the non GUI based applications and GUI based applications.
- The integrated test scenarios can be validated quite easily.
- All these features result in a reduction in risk and improve the quality for the applications of the modern era. 
- This testing tool includes HP service test products and HP functional testing. 
- It also includes some of the other add-ins from HP. 
- Using this tool you can increase the efficiency of your testing by using the automated processes and re- using of the data. 

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