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Monday, November 1, 2010

Validation Phase - Beta Testing - Objectives

The beta testing is conducted at one or more customer sites by the end-user of the software. The beta test is a live application of the software in an environment that cannot be controlled by the developer. The software reaches beta stage when most of the functionalities are operating. The software is tested in customer's environment, giving the user an opportunity to exercise the software, find the errors so that they could be fixed before product release. Beta testing is a detailed testing and needs to cover all the functionalities of the product and also the dependent functionality testing. It also involves the user interface testing and documentation testing. Hence, it is essential that this is planned well and the task accomplished. The test plan document has to be prepared before the testing phase is started, which clearly lays down the objectives, scope of test, tasks to be performed and the test matrix which depicts the schedule of testing.

The objectives of beta testing is to:
- evaluate software technical content.
- evaluate software ease of use.
- evaluate user documentation draft.
- identify errors.
- report errors/findings.

The role of a test lead is to provide test instruction sheet that describes items such as testing objectives, steps to follow, data to enter, functions to invoke and to provide feedback forms and comments.
The role of a tester is to understand the software requirements and the testing objectives and carry out the test cases and report defects.

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