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Monday, November 22, 2010

How to define a practice for agile testing ?

Practice for agile testing should encompass the following features:
Conversational Test Creation
- Test case writing should be a collaborative activity including majority of the entire team. As the customers will be busy, we should have someone representing the customer.
- Defining tests is a key activity that should include programmers and customer representatives.
- It should not be done alone.

Coaching Tests
- It is a way to think about acceptance tests.
- It turns user stories into tests.
- Tests should provide goals and guidance, instant feedback and progress measurement.
- Tests should be in specified in a format that is clear enough that users or customers can understand and that is specific enough that it can be executed.
- Specification should be done by example.

Providing Test Interfaces
- Developers are responsible for providing the fixtures that automate coaching tests.
- In most cases, extreme programming teams are adding test interfaces to their products, rather than using external test tools.

Exploratory Learning
- Plan to explore, learn and understand the product with each iteration.
- Look for bugs, missing features and opportunities for improvement.
- We do not understand software until we have used it.

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