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Friday, February 19, 2010

In a ring network, every device has exactly two neighbors for communication purposes. All messages travel through a ring in the same direction (effectively either "clockwise" or "counterclockwise"). A failure in any cable or device breaks the loop and can take down the entire network. To implement a ring network we use the Token Ring technology. A Token is passed from one computer to another which enables each computer to have equal access to the network.
Because a ring topology provides only one pathway between any two nodes, ring networks may be disrupted by the failure of a single link. A node failure or cable break might isolate every node attached to the ring. Each packet is sent around the ring until it reaches its final destination. Today, the ring topology is seldom used.

Ring Toplogy Network

Advantages of Ring Network :
* Very orderly network where every device has access to the token and the opportunity to transmit.
* Performs better than a star topology under heavy network load.
* Can create much larger network using Token Ring.
* Does not require network server to manage the connectivity between the computers.

Disadvantages of Ring Network :
* One malfunctioning workstation can create problems for the entire network.
* Moves, adds and changes of devices can affect the network.
* Much slower than an Ethernet network under normal load.

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