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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Difference between Location independence and Static location transparency

There are few aspects that differentiates location independence and static location transparency :
- In location independence, divorcing data from location provides better abstraction fro files. Location independent files can be viewed as logical data containers that are not attached to specific storage location.
In static location transparency, the file name still denotes a specific, although hidden, set of physical disk blocks.

- In static location transparency, users can share remote files by simple naming the files in a location transparent manner, as though the files are local but nevertheless, logical names are still attached to physical storage devices.
Location independence promotes sharing the storage space as well as the data objects.
A possible benefit of such a view is the ability to balance the utilization of disks across the system.

- Location independence separates the naming hierarchy from the storage devices hierarchy and from the inter-computer structure.
In static location transparency, the correspondence between component units machines can be easily exposed.

Once the separation of name and location has been completed, files residing on remote server systems may be accessed by different clients. In fact, these clients may be diskless and rely on servers to provide all files, including the operating system kernel.

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