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Friday, May 29, 2009

Benefits of Six Sigma certification (contd ..)

The previous post outlined some of the benefits that going in for Six Sigma certification entails. Here are some more benefits that are available as part of this certification:

- Six Sigma results in significant cost savings. Six Sigma lets you get more details about what is coming next, lets you prepare in more detail, there are less defects and less wastage
- The philosophy of Six Sigma is to improve customer satisfaction by preventing defects, thus resulting in greater satisfaction.
- Six Sigma initiates the practice of much enhanced vigilance about philosophy, about getting more customer satisfaction; and lead to the companies defining more measures for every element of the production / service chain
- Six Sigma training ensures that personnel are fully aware of the tools and techniques needed to improve quality, and explain the concept of variance, metrics, processes, etc to company personnel in a way that they would not have understood earlier
- The training helps people understand where all wastage happens in various processes, automatically leading to some reduction in waste
- Statistically, a company that has implemented Six Sigma is found to spend < 1% of revenue on rework compared to 10% for a company having Four Sigma
- Capacity and output are improved. As a part of reducing wastage, you can produce more correct products from the same capacity, or generate a higher level of software productivity from the same people
- Communication within the various groups is improved through the need for having better processes for all groups

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