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Friday, May 29, 2009

Benefits of Six Sigma certification

Six Sigma is a major certification to display the quality of processes followed within a company; and it is not only limited to displaying the quality. The process of seeking and getting six sigma certification means that the company is making a statement that it wants its processes to be better, with lesser defects (both for manufacturing and services), and more customer focus. So what are the benefits that Six Sigma presents to companies that are looking to adopt it:
- First is the commitment to quality. Aiming for Six Sigma means that all levels of the organization are seeking to increase their commitment to quality, which automatically boosts the quality.
- Reduction in defects (and the public statement about the reduction in defects (whether these be through manufacture of goods or provision of services) means that customers would be more satisfied. As they see that the defect levels have gone down, they will be more likely to do repeat business.
- Many customers only entertain suppliers with a high level of quality, and having Six Sigma means that a company is displaying a very high commitment to quality, enabling the company to qualify for all cases
- Increased employee satisfaction. Many employees may be somewhat lukewarm to the concept of a more disciplined and quality focused approach, but as they see their output being valued by customers, they are likely to be more satisfied with their work.
- Increase productivity and profitability. As the number of defects reduce, the cost per unit of the production will go down, and will lead to enhanced levels of profitability, contributing to higher overall profits for the company
- The company will attract better talent, since a number of employees will feel more comfortable with a company employing such a high level of quality

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