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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

What are uses of WiMax technology?

- The WiMax technology has been used since a long time to provide assistance to the communication process.
- This area has seen major deployment of wimax technology especially in Indonesia during the calamity of tsunami in the year of 2004. 
- The WiMax technology brought in the possibilities of providing broadband access that helped a big deal in regeneration of the communication. 
- The organizations such as FEMA and FCC (federal communications commission) felt the need of wimax in their communication process. 
- The WiMax applications with high efficiency are available today.
- It is known to offer a broad base for the customers and the services had been improved by adding mobility feature to them.
- The service providers use the WiMax technology for providing various services such as mobile and Internet access, voice, video and data. 
There are other advantages of using wimax technology.  
- You get to save a lot of prospective cost and at the same time you get efficiency in services.
- It is even capable of allowing the video making, VOIP calling and data transfers at high speeds.
- The mobile community has been upgraded so much with the coming of the WiMax technology.
- However, there are three main applications offered by WiMax namely backhaul, consumer connectivity and business.
- The real augmentation has been drawn to communications through WiMax technology because of which they can benefit both from the data transmission and video apart from voice. 
- This has facilitated quick response from the applications as per the situation.  
- A temporary communication services can be deployed by a client using WiMax technology.
It can even speed up the network according to the circumstances and events.  
- This has got us access to visitors, employees and media on a temporary basis.  
- If we are located in the range of the tower, it is quite easy for us to gain access to the equipment of the premises of for the events.

The factors that make the wimax technology so powerful are the following:
> high bandwidth
> high quality services
> security
> deployment
> full duplex consisting of DSL
> reasonable cost

For some applications, the wimax technology is used exclusively as in the following:

1. A means of connecting for the small and medium sized businesses.  - This technology has enabled these businesses to progress day by day.
- The connectivity offered by WiMax technology is good enough to attract clients.  
- It then provides them a number of services such as that of hotspots and so on.  
- Therefore, this application has gotten into spot light.

2. Backhaul
- The most important application of the WiMax technology is the range.
- This is so because using WiMax tower can be used as a means to connect with the other WiMax towers through line-of-sight communication which involves using microwave links. 
- This connectivity between two towers is called as backhaul.  
- It is capable of covering up to 3000 miles. 
- The WiMax network is even sufficient for covering remote and rural areas.

3. The nomadic broadband is another application of wimax technology which can be considered as an extended plan of wifi.
- The access points provided by WiMax technology might be less in number but they offer very high security.  
- Many companies use the WiMax base station for the development of the business.

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