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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

What are major activities in database testing?

Before going to the main topic i.e., the major activities that are carried out in data base testing, we will first have an insight on what is data base testing actually.


- Data base testing as it suggests itself, it is the testing of the data or values retrieved from the data base of that software system or application under testing.

- The retrieved data should match exactly with the data mentioned in the records of the data base.

- Data base testing is not an easy thing to carry out.

- It calls for a great need of expertise in reading the data base record tables, writing procedures and queries for the data base.

- Data base testing works well with all sorts of application softwares be it any application written either in SQL or Oracle languages.

- But normally, data base testing finds it way in the testing of applications that work with all sorts of sensitive data like finance, banking or health insurances etc.

- Such applications require extensive data base testing since any error in the retrieved data can cause the users lot to suffer.

Now we are going to discuss about the working of the data base testing or what all are the major activities taking place in a data base testing.

- A lot of understanding and knowledge of the software system or application under the testing is required i.e., the tester needs to know all about the type of data base being used by the software system or application.

- All the existing data tables in the application data base are figured out.

- All the possible queries are written for the figured out tables to be executed.

- All the tables are tested individually for the verification and validation of the data contained in them.

- For complex data bases the queries are obtained from the developer and the functionalities are tested.

- The data base of a software system or application is indeed its back bone and needs to be tested thoroughly.

- In a data base testing not only the data base undergoes testing, but also the features and functionality of the software system or application.

- As if this is not enough, all the actions taking place like deletion or addition are also tested.

- The added values or data are checked against the records of the data base i.e., whether or not they are exactly same.

- The deleted is checked for whether or not it has been really deleted from the data base.

- Every action being performed is tested for its efficiency as it will affect the overall well being of the data base.

- These days with the introduction of the business logic, the data bases have become more complex.

- Though the business logic makes the whole data base complex in nature, it cannot be neglected since it plays a very crucial role in the implementation of the applications.

- After the implementation of the business rules or logic, the data base values are again checked for their correctness.

- The coupling of the data bases to the libraries also poses a problem for the data base testing besides the following:

1. Data base schemas
2. Data base tables
3. Verification of the data base after every execution of test cases.
4. Cleaning up of the data base for every new test case execution.
5. Carrying out the whole data base testing manually is absolutely impossible or perhaps a nightmare.
6. Writing short test codes that are easy to understand.

One needs to carry out data base testing very carefully and with understanding since any faltering can disrupt the whole testing process.

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