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Saturday, March 10, 2012

What are different software development problems and what are its solutions?

Today‘s world is growing up in the age of software. The whole world revolves around the computers and the computing is all possible because of effective softwares. The quality of the software systems and applications that we use depends largely up on the quality and efficiency of the software development process.

For producing the quality and efficient softwares, a sound software development process is required. But, today as the technology is advancing, so are the problems associated with it.

In this article we are going to throw some light on the problems that come in the way of software development and also we shall seek some solutions for them.


- There is a lack of skill in the IT sector and the available expertise is focused more up on the core competencies which include outsource functions that are distasteful and complex though still being important.

- The local software development relates to the global software development.

- A good cooperation is needed among the intra- organizational companies.

- There is a great need of effective outsourcing which includes the availability of global data centres, IT infrastructure and embedded softwares, software applications and maintenance applications.

- Apart from all these there is a big requirement for better application service providers or ASPs.

There are several other problems associated with the software development:

1. Communication Problems
- In today’s world the development of software is not concentrated over a region or area, engineers and experts from all over the world contribute in this.
- Formal communication is needed during the routine, inspections and for formal specifications whereas informal communication is required to describe the informally captured requirements.
- Problems like following occur:
(a) Distinct backgrounds
(b) Time zone difference
(c) Lack of information communication
(d) Distinct backgrounds
(e) Distance

2. Strategic Problems
A lot of problems are faced while designing a strategy for the software development like:
(a) When to start development?
(b) Which task is to be allotted to whom?
(c) How to manage risk at both organizational level and project level.

3. Complexity in Coordination
The members of the software development team often find it difficult to cooperate with each other.

4. Issues related to Diverse Cultures
- Team members are from different cultural backgrounds and this has an affect on their performance, individualism, and attitude towards the work.

- Emotions and attitude towards race, religion and class etc add to these problems.

- The team members should be smart enough to understand each other’s culture and learn to compromise and respect the cultures of each other.

- Some of the measures to overcome cultural issues include reducing the intense collaboration among the team members, reducing the cultural distance by cultural liaison and personnel exchange etc.

5. Physical or Geographical Dispersion
Geographical dispersion of the team members as well as resources which results in an uneven distribution of the vendor support, access to expertise and cause a hindrance in the use of software development practices which need a face to face interaction.

6. Technical Problems
Sharing of the artifact as well as information about the development plan and software becomes quite a difficult job.

7. Management of Knowledge
This is a consequence of lack of communication or poor communication among the team members, lack of proper documentation, repositories and so on.

8. Availability of Open Source Software
- Open source softwares that facilitate the exchange of information and artifact among the developers and provide means for the modification of the code should be made available to all involved in the development process.

- Such open source softwares help in unifying the distributed development process.

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