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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

What is the outline of test plan? What are test specification items?

There is an outline that should be followed while writing a test plan. It consists of the following:
- The Background
- The Introduction
- The Assumptions
- The Test Items to be tested.
- The Features to be tested.
- The Features not to be tested.
- The Approach that is to be followed.
- Item Pass/Fail Criteria which is an itemized list of expected output and tolerances.
- The Suspension or Resumption Criteria.
- Test Deliverable which includes beside software, what else would be delivered?
- Testing Tasks which consists of functional and administrative tasks.
- Environmental needs like security clearance, office space and equipment, hardware and software requirements.
- Responsibilities.
- Staffing and Training
- Schedule
- Resources
- Risks and Contingencies
- Approvals

Test specifications are developed from test plan and are a part of second phase of test development life cycle. How to implement the test cases is explained through test specifications. It consists of following:
- Case Number
- Title of Test
- ProgName which consists of program name containing test.
- Author
- Date
- Background which consists of Objectives, Assumptions, References, Success Criteria.
- Expected Errors
- References
- Data that flows between the implementation under test and test engine.
- Script

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