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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

What comprises Test Ware Development : Test Plan - Acceptance Test Plan (ATP)

The client at their place performs the acceptance testing. It will be very similar to the system test performed by the software development unit. Since the client is the one who decides the format and testing methods as part of acceptance testing, there is no specific clue on the way they will carry out the testing. But it will not differ much from the system testing. Assume that all the rules, which are applicable to the system test, can be implemented to acceptance testing also.

Since this is just one level of testing done by the client for the overall product, it may include test cases including the unit and integration test level details.

Test Plan Outline

- BACKGROUND: This item summarizes the functions of the application system and the tests to be performed.
- ASSUMPTIONS: Indicates any anticipated assumptions which will be made while testing the application.
- TEST ITEMS: List each of the items(programs) to be tested.
- FEATURES TO BE TESTED: List each of the features(functions or requirements) which will be tested or demonstrated by the test.
- FEATURES NOT TO BE TESTED: explicitly lists each feature, function, or requirement which would not be tested and why not.
- APPROACH: Describe the data flows and test philosophy. This section also mentions all the approaches which will be followed at the various stages of the test execution.
- ITEM PASS/FAIL CRITERIA: Itemized list of expected output and tolerances.
- SUSPENSION/RESUMPTION CRITERIA: Must the test run from start to finish? Under what circumstances it may be resumed in the middle? Establish check-points in long tests.
- TEST DELIVERABLES: What, besides software, will be delivered? It includes test report and test software.
- TESTING TASKS: It includes functional and administrative tasks.
- ENVIRONMENTAL NEEDS: It includes security clearance, office space and equipment and hardware/software requirements.
- RESPONSIBILITIES: It includes what are the tasks in section 10? What does the user do?

The schedule details of the various test pass such as unit tests, integration tests, system tests should be clearly mentioned along with estimated efforts.

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