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Monday, August 9, 2010

Objectives and Use of Control Testing and Inter-system Testing

The objective of control testing is to get an accurate and complete data. The transactions that are carried out are authorized. It helps in the maintenance of adequate audit trail of information. Control testing is an efficient, effective and economical process. It ensures that the process meeting the needs of the user.
Control is a management tool to ensure that processing is performed in accordance to what management desire or intents of management.

To use control testing, risks must be identified. Negative approach should be followed by the testers which means that they should be able to judge that what could go wrong with the system. To use control testing, risk matrix should be developed which identifies the risks, controls; segment within application system in which control resides.

Inter-system Testing

Application systems are frequently interconnected to other application system. The interconnection may be data coming from another application system, leaving for another application system or both. Frequently multiple systems (applications) sometimes called cycles or functions are involved.
The objective is to determine proper parameters and data are correctly passed between the applications, documentation is correct and accurate and to ensure proper timing and coordination of functions exists between the application system.

Use Inter-system testing when there is a change in parameters in application. Inter-system parameters would be checked and verified after the change or new application is placed in the production.

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