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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Advantages and Disadvantages of Black Box Testing and what are its types.

In black box testing, the internals of the system are not taken into consideration. The testers do not have access to the source code. A tester who is doing black box testing generally interacts through a user interface with the system by giving the inputs and examining the outputs.
The advantages of black box testing includes that it is very efficient for large segments of code. It clearly separates user's perspective from developer's perspective. The code access not required. It is very easy to execute.
The disadvantages of black box testing includes limited code path coverage as limited number of inputs can be checked. It cannot control targeting code segments or paths which may be more error prone than others.

There are different kinds of testing that are associated with black box testing :
1. Smoke Testing
2. User Input Testing
3. User Acceptance testing
It includes :
- Alpha testing
- Beta testing
4. System Testing
- Functional testing
- User interface testing
- Usability testing
- Compatibility testing
- Model based testing
- Error exit testing
- User help testing
- Security testing
- Capacity testing
- Performance testing
- Sanity testing
- Regression testing
- Reliability testing
- Recovery testing
- Installation testing
- Maintenance testing
- Accessibility testing

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