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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

RS485 Standard

RS-485 is a telecommunications standard for binary serial communications between devices. It is the protocol or specifications that need to be followed to allow devices that implement this standard to speak to each other. A RS-485 compliant network is a multi-point communications network. The RS-485 standard specifies up to 32 drivers and 32 receivers on a single (2-wire) bus. RS-485 drivers are now even able to withstand bus contention problems and bus fault conditions. A RS-485 network can be constructed as either a balanced 2 wire system or a 4 wire system. If a RS-485 network is constructed as a 2 wire system, then all of the nodes will have equal ranking. A RS-485 network constructed as a 4 wire system, has one node designated as the master and the remaining nodes are designated as slaves. The maximum cable length can be as much as 4000 feet because of the differential voltage transmission system used. The typical use for RS485 is a single PC connected to several addressable devices that share the same cable.

RS485 meets the requirements for a truly multi-point communications network, and the standard specifies up to 32 drivers and 32 receivers on a single (2-wire) bus. With the introduction of "automatic" repeaters and high-impedance drivers / receivers this "limitation" can be extended to hundreds (or even thousands) of nodes on a network. RS485 extends the common mode range for both drivers and receivers in the "tri-state" mode and with power off. Also, RS485 drivers are able to withstand "data collisions" (bus contention) problems and bus fault conditions.

- Mode of Operation DIFFERENTIAL
- Total Number of Drivers and Receivers on One Line 1 DRIVER & 32 RECEIVER
- Maximum Cable Length 4000 FT.
- Maximum Data Rate 10Mb/s
- Maximum Driver Output Voltage -7V to +12V
- Driver Output Signal Level (Loaded Min.) Loaded +/-1.5V
- Driver Output Signal Level (Unloaded Max) Unloaded +/-6V
- Driver Load Impedance (Ohms) 54
- Max. Driver Current in High Z State Power On +/-100uA
- Max. Driver Current in High Z State Power Off +/-100uA
- Slew Rate (Max.) N/A
- Receiver Input Voltage Range -7V to +12V
- Receiver Input Sensitivity +/-200mV
- Receiver Input Resistance (Ohms) >=12k

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