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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Planning Practices - Type of Software Engineering Practice

The planning activity encompasses a set of management and technical practices that enable the software team to define a road maps it travels toward its strategic goal and tactical objectives. There are many different planning philosophies. Regardless of the rigor with which planning is conducted,the following principles always apply :

- Understand the scope of the project.
- Involve the customer in the planning activity.
- Recognize that planning is iterative.
- Estimate based on what you know.
- Consider risk as you define the plan.
- Be realistic.
- Adjust granularity as you define the plan.
- Define how you intend to ensure quality.
- Describe how you intend to accommodate change.
- Track the plan frequently and make adjustments as required.

What questions must be asked and answered to develop a realistic project plan ?
- Why is the system being developed ?
- What will be done ?
- When will it be accomplished ?
- Who is responsible for a function ?
- Where are they organizationally located ?
- How will the job be done technically and managerially ?
- How much of each resource is needed ?

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