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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Overview to System Simulation Tools

System simulation tools provide the software engineer with the ability to predict the behavior of a real-time system prior to the time that it is built. In addition, these tools enable the software engineer to develop mock-ups of the real-time system, allowing the customer to gain insight into the function, operation, and response prior to actual implementation.
Tools in this category allow a team to define the elements of a computer-based system and then execute a variety of simulations to better understand the operating characteristics and overall performance of the system. Two broad categories of system simulation tools exist :
- General purpose tools that can model virtually any computer-based system.
- Special purpose tools that are designed to address a specific application domain.

- CSIM : Developed by Lockheed Martin Advanced Technology labs, is a general purpose discrete-event simulator for block diagram-oriented systems.
- Simics : Developed by Virtutech, is a system simulation platform that can model and analyze both hardware and software-based systems.
- SIX : Developed by Wolverine Software, provides general purpose building blocks for modeling the performance of a wide variety of systems.

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