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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Articles on the product development cycle

These are a series of articles on the product development cycle, meant for a product development cycle where either a new product or a new version is being developed. These articles are meant to illustrate different stages of the development cycle although some of the stages could be overlapping:

Requirements Gathering (link)

Requirements Gathering contd .. (link)

Requirements Planning - Template (link)

Planning a patch or minor release (link)

Rolling out the patch (link)

What is a minor / dot release ? (link)

Planning a minor / dot release - Challenges (link)

Actual Kickoff of Development Effort (link)

PreRelease / Beta planning (link)

Planning for metrics (link)

To be contd ..

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It was marvelous Idea that cycle development through Illustrate
so that any body can understand


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