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Monday, September 22, 2008

Product Development - Requirements Planning - Template

In the previous 2 posts, I have been talking about the process leading to a presentation, right at the beginning of the project, where product management presents their plan of feature implementation, revenue and pricing figures, competition analysis, and so on. The objective of such a meeting is to ensure that management / executive sponsors know the direction that the product will take, are able to satisfy their doubts, and then can either bless the direction taken by product management or send the team back to the drawing board for re-making the strategies OR do some slight tweaking.
For this information to be presented to management, it has to be packaged in a proper template where the information is arranged in logical order. I have tried to find templates that can meet these needs on the internet, and some of them are below. You may need to modify or tweak them slightly to suit them as per your needs.

1. Startup business plan at (link): This is a template more for a business plan, but it contains some very relevant questions that you need to answer for the purpose of creating a new product; you can take the relevant questions from this template and adopt for your own need.

2. A sales forecast plan (link): This entire page is very useful for the purpose of building and forecasting a sales plan, and can help you build up the figures required for doing your revenue forecasting.

3. Product Development Schedule Template Syn1.0 ($ 59) (link): a detailed list of activities and tasks for planning and managing product concept, design, development, test, launch and release.

4. VSD Template (link): Has a lot of steps that you should be logically taking if you are defining a new product

5. SWOT analysis template (link): Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats - a useful analysis that you should carry out for your new product development

6. Marketing Plan Template (link): Very useful for preparing the marketing and product management plan that will help you to prepare for the presentation

7. Product development planning from Microsoft (link): This template outlines a strategic approach for product development. By working with your business position in the marketplace, establishing product infrastructure, and leveraging knowledge of your targets and competitors, this template establishes a framework to begin product development. This is a Microsoft Project 2007 template.

8. Individual templates for efficiency during the product planning process (link)

9. Alta Advisor product creation plan (link): Helps you collect the information you will need to prepare a proper plan, as well as provide you many points that you can use to present to management.

10. Product Manager's Toolkit (link): Many tools such as MRD, PRD, Business Case, etc, all that will help you prepare for a new product plan.

11. Product Definition and Launch Plan Template (link): A Word document that acts as an MRD

12. Six free templates (link): Product Management Life Cycle Model, Product Strategy Outline, Ten Step Marketing Plan Outline, Marketing Dictionary, Guideline for Managing Product Team Meetings, Strategic Marketing Planning Model

13. Sample Marketing Requirements Document (MRD) (link)

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