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Saturday, December 3, 2011

What are different characteristics of alpha testing?

For alpha testing, it won’t be wrong if we say that it is another name for acceptance testing. Alpha testing is very much similar to the acceptance testing. Alpha testing is performed in the front of the customer or the client for their satisfaction and acceptance.

The client or the customer needs to verify or check whether the software artifact has been developed according to their:
- Service level agreement or SLA as it is abbreviated.
- Requirements
- Specifications
- Defect rate efficiency or DRE as it is known in short form.

If during the alpha testing the client or the manufacturer missed something, and discovers it later, then the software system has to again undergo a second alpha testing before giving the software product another green signal. But, client or customer revision is required mostly in beta testing.

Alpha testing can be formally defined as an actual operation or simulation testing before the launch of the software system and it does not involves software developers.

It is the testing of software on the site of the software developer by the customer or the client after the completion and finishing of the software system or the application.

- Alpha testing can also be called a kind of user acceptance testing or UAT a sit is known in short form.
- Alpha testing is carried out at the site of the software development. It is done by the clients or the customers. When the project is the development phase, it is said to be under alpha testing.
- Alpha testing allows the software tester to make some minor changes or modifications during the testing or at the end of it.
- It is carried out in the front of the developers, so that they can now what is the error or the bug and what it is and how it can be fixed efficiently.

- Alpha testing can be thought of as a stage of software prototype at which it may be discovered that the software system does not have all the required functionalities and specifications. But, one thing is definitely sure that the software system will have all the core functionalities and operational abilities and it will efficiently accept the input data values and generate the proper output as expected.
- Alpha testing is carried out on any system other than the system on which the software system was developed in the office of the developer.
- Client or the customer carries out the alpha testing under the leadership of the software developer.
- These days the alpha testing is being done by both the end users and the software developers.
- Alpha testing is the complete testing as it contains most of the functionality and specifications.
- Sometimes a group of clients or users are selected to perform alpha testing for the software system.
- Mostly the alpha testing is performed in-house or sometimes is performed by an external testing firm which in close terms or cooperation with the concerned software development corporation or the company.
- Sometimes it may also happen that the software developers may test the software system in front of the end users present within the development environment.
- This kind of testing is popularly known as off site testing. The end user side or the testing side is also called the development end.

In alpha testing it is necessary to determine whether the the software system is delivering the service as it was expected by the client or the customer. The environment in which the alpha testing is performed is called the client environment.

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