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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

How to define a task set for a software project?

The process model is defined by a set of tasks which enables the software team to define, develop and support computer software irrespective of whether the software team uses an incremental model, linear sequential method, an evolutionary model. Nearly every project will have a different task set which means that no single task is appropriate for all projects.

The set of tasks that a simple project uses or needs is different from the set of tasks that is needed by a large complex system. A collection of task sets should be defined to meet the needs of different types of projects by the software process that is effective.

The task set that is developed should be distributed on a project time line. Task set depends on the type of the project and the rigor with which the software team decides to do the work. Different kind of projects encountered by software organizations are:

- Application enhancement projects
- Content development projects
- New application development projects
- Application maintenance projects
- Re-engineering projects

The factors that affect the choice of the task set for a single project type are:
- project size.
- number of potential users.
- critical nature of mission.
- longevity of the application.
- requirements stability.
- maturity of applicable technology.
- embedded and non-embedded characteristics.
- performance constraints.
- project staff.
- re-engineering factors.

For example, in concept development projects, major tasks followed are:
- Concept scoping
- Preliminary concept planning
- Technology risk assessment
- Concept proof
- Implementation concept
- Customer reaction

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