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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Measurement and Analysis (MA) Process Area

The purpose of Measurement and Analysis (MA) is to develop and sustain a measurement capability used to support management information needs. Measurement and analysis (MA) is a Level 2 support process area within the Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) process.
The Measurement and Analysis process area involves the following activities:
- Specifying objectives of measurement and analysis so they are aligned with identified information needs and objectives.
- Specifying measures, analysis techniques, and mechanisms for data collection, data storage, reporting, and feedback.
- Implementing the collection, storage, analysis, and reporting of data.
- Providing objective results that can be used in making informed decisions, and taking appropriate corrective action.

The integration of measurement and analysis activities into the processes of the project supports the following:
- Objective planning and estimating.
- Tracking actual performance against established plans and objectives.
- Identifying and resolving process-related issues.
- Providing a basis for incorporating measurement into additional processes in the future.

Specific Practices by Goal

SG 1 Align Measurement and Analysis Activities
- SP 1.1 Establish Measurement Objectives.
- SP 1.2 Specify Measures.
- SP 1.3 Specify Data Collection and Storage Procedures.
- SP 1.4 Specify Analysis Procedures.
SG 2 Provide Measurement Results
- SP 2.1 Collect Measurement Data.
- SP 2.2 Analyze Measurement Data.
- SP 2.3 Store Data and Results.
- SP 2.4 Communicate Results.

Measurement objectives are used to define measures as well as collection, analysis, storage, and usage procedures for measures. These measures are specified in the project plan. Measures for the supplier, data collection processes and timing, expected analysis, and required storage should be specified in the supplier agreement.

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