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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Cleanroom Software Engineering - Certification

The verification and testing techniques leads to software components that can be certified. Certification implies that the reliability can be specified for each component. The potential impact of certifiable software components goes far beyond a single cleanroom project. Reusable software components can be stored along with their usage scenarios, program stimuli, and probability distributions.

The certification approach involves five steps :
1. Usage scenarios must be created.
2. A usage profile is specified.
3. Test cases are generated from the profile.
4. Tests are executed and failure data are recorded and analyzed.
5. Reliability is computed and certified.

Cleanroom Certification Models :
- Sampling model : Software testing executes m random test cases and is certified if no failures or a specified numbers of failures occur. The value of m is derived mathematically to ensure that required reliability is achieved.
- Component model : A system composed of n components is to be certified. The component model enables the analyst to determine the probability that component i will fail prior to completion.
- Certification model : The overall reliability of the system is projected and certified.

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