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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

MIMO ROUTERS - A quick summary

MIMO routers build on the MIMO technology, a relatively new set of technology protocols that reinvent the way signals are transmitted and received. MIMO routers send out multiple data streams at the same time and then use multiple antennas to sift through the signals for the requisite pattern. All this is done while maintaining a fast connection and, hence, a fast data stream. One characteristic sign of a MIMO router is multiple antennae.

Benefits of MIMO Routers. These include:
• Faster speeds.
• Greater distances between your paired devices.
• More simultaneous users.
• Less signal fading and dead spots.
• Better resistance to interference.

Concerns of MIMO Routers:

1. MIMO routers have a premium associated with them. The prices can fall as the product gets matured.
2. Pending 802.11N standard.

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