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Sunday, May 25, 2008


BATCH SYSTEMS : They are a set of programs that perform certain activities which do not require any kind of input from the user. Batch systems contain one or more API which perform various tasks.

Ex: When something is typed on a word document by pressing a key, same is displayed on the monitor. The process of conversion of user input of the key to machine language and then displaying what you have typed on monitor is performed by batch system.

EVENT CONTROL SYSTEMS : These systems process real time data to provide the user with results for the command that has been given.

Ex: When you press Ctrl + S, it tells the computer to save the document. This communication is provided by the event controls that are pre-defined in the system.

PROCESS CONTROL SYSTEMS : When two systems communicate, the co-ordination or data transfer becomes vital. Process control systems are the one’s that receive data from a system and instruct the sending system to perform specific tasks based on the reply sent by the receiving system.

PROCEDURE CONTROL SYSTEMS : These systems are one’s which control the functions of another system.

MESSAGE PROCESSING SYSTEMS : A simple example to explain these kind of systems is the SMS management software used by the mobile operator which handles the incoming and outgoing messages.

DIAGNOSTIC SOFTWARE SYSTEMS : These systems help in diagnosing the computer hardware components.
Ex: The “NEW HARDWARE FOUND” dialogue seen when you plug in a new device to the computer is an example of these kind of systems.

SENSOR & SIGNAL PROCESSING SYSTEMS : In these systems the computer receives input in form of signals and then transforms the signals to a user understandable output.

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